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Reject the brand-name solutions that create as much work as they manage,


Harness the power of AI to gather, analyze, and prioritize prospects to manage in your pipeline.


Create automated action workflows to nurture and develop relationships with your contacts.

Boost productivity

Launch a single-screen view of your day's business across your CRM and other productivity platforms.

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Our story


PerfectFit CRM

PerfectFit CRM goes beyond just managing your clients; it is a dynamic tool designed to propel your business forward by effortlessly converting prospects into loyal customers. With our focus on providing intelligent automated solutions, personalized support from industry experts, and a culture of innovation, our objective is to help you achieve unparalleled success and surpass your business objectives. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to your field, we invite you to join us on the journey to a more efficient and prosperous business.

Our roots

PerfectFit CRM is a product of PerfectFit Virtual Admin Services Our mission: zap stress, chaos, and inertia with productivity tools in perfect alignment with our client's needs.  Our expertise extends to all things that comprise executive-level admin support, from email and calendar management, managing meetings, CRM support, presentation creation, and social media support. We work with you to choose, customize, and manage the right apps, implement an AI solution, or create a hybrid mix to align with your business goals and objectives.

The 10,000 foot view of the PerfectFit CRM

The PerfectFit CRM ***Automatically gathers leads from social media, subscription funnels (like Zillow and Redfin) and your website form submissions, etc.

***Analyzes leads based on your customized priority profiling, focusing on those most likely to convert. ***Assigns your own custom action workflows to contacts based on their profile. ***Customize menu options to remove irrelevant tabs and move the most pertinent ones up the list. ***Allows for manually added contacts, quick tasks, reminders, attachments, notes, tasks, and calendar events. ***Automatically updates your contact files with incoming data. ***Cross-platform data sharing integrates appointments, unread emails, reminders, open cases, leads, tasks, team notices, your calendar, and tasks.


A tailored CRM system to optimize your business growth

Lead generation

Targeted campaigns with actionable insights.

Customer engagement

Interactive tools to enhance customer interactions.

Analytics and reporting

In-depth analysis for data-driven decisions.


Streamlined processes for increased productivity.

Administrative support

Comprehensive executive-level admin support.

Integration services

Seamless integration with existing platforms for enhanced efficiency.

John Goodhouse Choices Insurance Agency

The PerfectFit CRM transformed my business. The features are exceptional, guiding me towards extraordinary results. The interface is user-friendly, and I am achieving success beyond my expectation.

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